Laser Etching Magnetic is Very Similar to Engraving on a Piece of Steel

Laser Etching is a permanent etched mark on the magnet coating.  We perform all laser etching in-house which gives us control of the process, and the ability to run immediate tests on the etching.  All tests run on laser etching is performed in-house through our extensive Quality Control lab.

Controlling the depth of the Laser Etch on the magnet is critical.  This will allow the coating to remain covering the magnet completely with no pores or grooves allowing air or fluids to come in contact with the magnet.  Since a magnet coating is only 5-25 microns, it is important that the laser etch is done correctly.

Why Use Laser Etching on Magnets?

  • Marking the magnetic orientation
  • Putting a part number, lot number, or code on the magnet
  • Engraving a logo
  • Presenting the markings on a magnet more professionally
  • Eliminate the permanent ink markers, which can rub off

Laser Etching on Magnets is an option for our corporate customers to identify the pole in mass production.  Contact one of our technical professionals to discuss your laser etching requirements.