The coating on rare earth magnets is critical, and should be a focus from the concept phase.   

At SM Magnetics we understand the importance of the correct coating on magnets.  We work with our customers to get the coating that matches the environment, design, and application.

Each magnetic application has its own unique requirements and specifications.  The coatings should match.  Is it magnets for medical devices that needs FDA approval?  Is it motor magnets in high temperature?  Or magnets in a thin film assembly in a vacuum environment?  These considerations are part of the initial design discussions that we enjoy with our customers.  

We have developed a comprehensive of coatings, with an overview of each.  Click this link to our blog "The Characteristics of Magnet Coatings" to learn more about each coating.   

    For assistance with magnets, magnetic assemblies and the coating requirements, Contact us for more information about coatings.