Our Higher Education customers continually push the boundaries in magnets and magnetic assemblies. They are leaders in R&D and considered the initial innovators for many new technologies. We have partnered with our academic customers for over 20 years to provide design assistance, magnet selection, and advanced magnetic assemblies. These partnerships have given us opportunity to assist these customers from simple magnet selection to finding solutions with complex designs requiring high magnetic fields. The academic community has come to depend on our knowledge with magnets, complex magnetic assemblies, coatings, and other materials required in their designs. We enjoy the challenges that our Higher Education customers present us and are proud to be their partner in their magnetic research and magnetic assemblies.

Click here to find an example of one of our dipole designs that was developed by our VP of Engineering, who was able to achieve over 2 Tesla inside the concentrated field of this assembly. 

SM Magnetics was honored to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with the University of Southern California in their recent publication titled “Strong Permanent Magnet Gradient Deflector for Stern-Gerlach Type Experiments on Molecular Beams. We were able to provide suggestions and advice related to the magnetics involved in USC’s experiment. Click here to read more about their experiment. 

If your academic research requires a proven partner in magnetics, Contact us to start the conversation.

Available Magnet Inventory

Our online magnet retail division, SuperMagnetMan, carries a large inventory of magnets ready for shipping and testing.
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