Design Assistance

Product designers continually partner with our magnetic engineers to optimize and finalize their designs involving magnets, magnetic assemblies, motors, ferrous materials, metal injection molding (MIM) components, advanced materials, and Magnetic Simulation and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Our knowledge in virtually every industry allows us to look at the whole picture as it relates to product design, making our magnetic engineers a resource in magnetics and manufacturability.  

Past Accomplishments

The best way to understand our experience and expertise is to highlight past accomplishments. Below are examples of the projects and products that the SM Magnetics Engineers have worked on with our customers.

  • Determined the appropriate magnetic pattern, field, and sizing for a consumer product to ensure precision alignment with mating parts.
  • Suggested ferrous materials and placement in a consumer electronics wearable that enhanced the field and focused it away from the electronics.
  • Developed several magnet shape and size options for an in-body medical device that performs like a catheter with electronics requirements.
  • Redesigned the lamination stack on a stator of a LiDAR motor to achieve. the correct start-up torque and RPM while making the motor more efficient.
  • Assisted with the design of a “steel ball in cup” assembly for an automotive application that allowed for pivoting and detachment.
  • Developed advanced coating options to prevent corrosion on the rotor magnets of a thruster used in saltwater and experiencing harsh conditions.
  • Designed mechanical holds for a torque coupling used in the fluid handling industry that had a large start up torque and pumped chemicals.
  • Re-designed the magnetic circuit on a motor that would capture more electricity when used in a micro windmill application.
  • Evaluated and developed the shape, size, and material requirements for a medical application involving short-term holding of tissue within the upper digestive system.
  • Designed a toroidal magnet used in research to contain the magnetic field within the toroid while having almost zero magnetic field external of the toroid.
  • Designed a dipole assembly used in the consumer products industry used to anneal materials that passed through.
  • Designed and developed the magnetic circuit for a sensor that sends signals and data in a medical device during a surgical procedure.
  • Evaluated the demagnetization issues associated with an existing industrial cleaning robot. Recommended a different magnetic configuration and material change.
  • Developed the metal injection molded (MIM) chemistry for the mating part of a speaker application for the consumer electronics industry.
  • Continually develop manufacturing, testing and quality standards for all parts manufactured in our factories to ensure higher yields and less material waste.

Interested in SM Magnetics partnering with you on your next product? Or, do you need to redesign and rework an existing magnetic product? Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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