At SM Magnetics our engineering expertise and ISO/TS/IATF 16949 & ISO9001 certified manufacturing facilities give us the ability to assist a customer in the optimization of their motor and produce a high-quality motor or motor assembly including:

  • Brushless DC Rotor Motors
  • Linear Motors
  • EV Motors
  • Pancake Motors
  • Halbach Motors
We also provide assistance with torque coupling requirements and recommending the most appropriate magnets for generators. This assistance has led to improved designs and manufacturing efficiencies for these customers.
We have the ability to manufacture the magnetic sub-assembly of the entire motor or generator, including the windings, wiring, steel and assembly. And because our manufacturing is done in-house, we can reduce overall cost of the manufacturing and production of the sub-assemblies.
Our Motor & Generator Customers find arc magnets, rectangular magnets, and other shapes available immediately at our online retail site, SuperMagnetMan.