Magnets + Sensor combinations are easily found in such industries as consumer electronics, drones, robotics, medical and security.  The magnets make the sensor work!

Magnets & Sensors

SM Magnetics continually works with sensor applications to ensure the correct magnet is paired with the sensor.  Pairing the correct magnet with the chosen sensor is critical to ensure the sensor is working as expected.  The main question that we get is "how do magnetic sensors work?" 

With today’s hall effect sensor and magnetic switch technology, the correct magnetic field is a must.  Too much magnetic field and the sensor is set-off too early, too little magnetic field and the sensor is set-off too late.  It’s a balance that requires an understanding of the sensor’s technology and also the appropriate magnet at the appropriate distance.

The customers who have worked with SM Magnetics to determine the correct magnet for their hall effect sensor applications required a specific magnetic field and orientation of the magnet.   We work to understand the application, environment, sensor specs, coating and magnetic field requirements so the correct strength and coercive force is selected.

Available Magnet Inventory

Our online retail division, SuperMagnetMan, carries a large inventory of magnets for immediate shipping and testing.  Click here to visit SuperMagnetMan and view the available inventory.

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