Please refer to the below table for coatings specs:

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Please note: Coating thickness represents the base layer of nickel and/or copper + the typical plating thickness itself. 

Plating Name Color Typical Thickness Min. Time Max. Working Temp. ('C) Properties Typical Applications
PCT (120'C, RH
100%, 200KPa)
Salt Spray Test
(acc to ASTM- B117)
Zinc  (Zn) White-blue 4-10um 24hrs 24-28hrs 120 Standalone coating with only one layer Motor magnets, automotive industries
Color 48hrs 120
Black 12-24hrs 120
Ni-Cu-Ni Bright/Semi-Bright 15-25um 48hrs 48-72hrs 200 Most common used coating, price beneficial, excellent against humidity Consumer goods, industrial magnets, motors
Black 200
Silver (Ag) Silver 10-20um 48-72hrs 48-72hrs 200 High electric conductive Electrical components
Gold (Au) Gold 10-15um 200 Excellent wear resistance, high hardness, corrosion resistance, high conductivity, the gold layer is very thin Decorative
Copper (Cu) Copper 10-20um 200 Slightly weaker abrasion and corrosion resistance than Ni-Cu-Ni Speakers, Industrial magnets
Chromium (Cr) Bright 10-20um 200 Good abrasion & oxidation resistance, does not lose its shine in the atmosphere Linear motors, automotive, generators
Everlube Yellow >=10um 72-120hrs 72hrs 160 Superior ability of humid heat Speakers, Industrial magnets
Epoxy Assorted Colors 15-30um 48hrs 96-108hrs 200 High-corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, not shock-resistant Linear motors, automotive, generators
NiCuEpoxy Assorted Colors 25-45um 16-30hrs 168-1000hrs 200
Parylene Clear 3-10um N/A 24hrs 150 High reliability, light weight, low coefficient of friction, high tensile, bio-compatible Military & aerospace, commercial
Passivation Light Gray 1-2 4-8hrs 4-8hrs 60 Temporary protection Normally used before over-molded or encased
PTFE White >=0.5mm 72-120hrs 120hrs 260 Non-stick, low coefficient of friction, non-wetting, high electrical strength, chemical resistance, 100% waterproof Medical, Food & Beverage
Rubber Black ~0.5mm N/A 96-108hrs 135 Excellent adhesion, abrasion and impact resistance Holding magnets
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