FEA & Simulations

FEA and simulations are the first step, and saves time, money, and design work when all components and magnetics are viewed through the results of advanced software and the knowledge of experienced magnetics engineers.

Past Engineering Projects & Products

Find examples below of the projects and products that the SM Magnetics Engineers have worked on with our customers during the design phase. Our Finite Element Analysis and magnetic simulation shortened the design process considerably.

  • Determined the holding force between a charging unit and wearable device for a large consumer electronics company to ensure a positive customer user experience.
  • Simulated the moment a Reed Switch was triggered by a passing neodymium magnet in a medical device that is used during surgery in the body.
  • Determined the gauss level at 2.5mm from a neodymium magnet to a PCB in a low speed motor to understand the effect of the magnetic field on the PCB.
  • Redesigned the stator of a LiDAR motor to achieve the correct start-up torque and RPM of a brushless DC motor.
  • Determined the pull / hold force of a 4” magnetic assembly in a marine application that was attaching to 1” thick steel in extreme weather conditions.
  • Selected the correct magnetic materials needed in a mobility device to ensure sensors were working in coordination with the bonded neodymium magnets.
  • Determined the magnetic shunt material to eliminate and deflect the magnetic field from disrupting the RF signal in a consumer electronics device.
  • Outlined the demagnetization effect of surrounding materials on a Neodymium magnet in high speed motor used in a dental device.
  • Provided magnetic simulation data and research to assist a medical customer with FDA approvals and designs.
  • Provided magnetic field profiles and suggestions for advanced research being conducted by a top university in particle acceleration.
  • Determined the linear Halbach array for a cleaning device used in the marine industry to achieve the holding force requirements in a vertical use application.
  • Determined the correct size & shape of conical magnet used in a surgical procedure on newborns.
  • Provided design and material suggestions for wind turbine generators based upon surrounding materials and environmental conditions.
  • Profiled the magnetic field and how to focus it in a research project being conducted at a research college in England.
  • Provided simulations and suggestions of materials, shape, and surrounding materials for a space exploration application.
Magnetic circuits and magnetic assemblies are a precise combination of the correct selection of permanent magnets, steel, electronics, environment, temperature, and positioning. These must work in tandem to achieve the proper results of the product.

SM Magnetics has assisted product designers, innovators, and countless companies with magnetic simulation geared to achieving the results that our customers expect of their products. Our magnetics engineers have the knowledge and experience that is required when using Simulation Software that produces outcomes based upon proper input and a thorough knowledge of magnetics.


Interested in SM Magnetics partnering with you on your next product? Or, do you need to redesign and rework an existing magnetic product? Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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