The Medical industry is truly a dynamic industry.  There is an unending pipeline of new products to make life easier, and medical magnets are a key component.

Magnets & Medical Products

SM Magnetics has a history of partnering with medical companies to provide design assistance, FDA qualifying prototypes, production, and data.   We understand the complexities of bringing a product to market, and have worked with many companies through the process to develop medical magnets and medical devices.

Our experience with magnetic design and complete assemblies in applications that enter the body, or assist outside of the body, make us a knowledgeable partner to the medical innovators.  This means working closely with our customers to provide magnets that meet medical requirements, and magnetic assemblies that have FDA approved glues and coatings.

Available Magnet Inventory

Many of our Medical Customers get a jump start on working with Magnets that we have in stock via our online retail division, SuperMagnetMan.  Click Here to Visit SuperMagnetMan Online.

If you would like us to assist with your medical magnet or medical magnet assembly, Contact Us.