The security industry covers a broad range of products and magnet assemblies.  Video surveillance, motion sensors, software, identity protection, and warning systems are some of the categories.  

Magnets & Security

SM Magnetics provides magnets, magnetic assemblies, and magnetic engineering to our customers in with sensors, warning systems, and holding applications.

Sensors keep our houses safe, our surveillance cameras moving, and systems that turn off or on as needed.  SM Magnetics has assisted security companies by pairing the correct magnets or magnetic assemblies with their sensor.  Each sensor has specific magnetic field requirements at specified distance, and we have helped make the sensor work correctly with selection of the appropriate magnets.

Most warning systems contain a speaker alerting that danger or intrusion is occurring.  SM Magnetics has worked with companies who make warning systems with neodymium magnets for the system, and providing the correct voice coil motor for their warning system.   

Magnets play a role in holding security systems in place.  Mounting a camera or security sensor in place are recent examples of magnets working with security systems.  Holding magnets for security systems usually requires a magnet encapsulated to protect the magnet yet provide the correct holding force.  

Available Magnet Inventory

Our customers can find a large stock of magnets available for shipping immediately to test and research at our online retail division, SuperMagnetMan.  Click here to visit SuperMagnetMan and see our large magnet inventory.

If you would like assistance with your security application, please contact us.