Entrepreneurs and Innovators are not really an industry, but more of a creative mindset living within the creators of today and tomorrow. 

Innovators & Entrepreneurs

Innovators & Entrepreneurs are the individuals who bring us advancements in technology, ideas that push the edge of magnet design.  These are the individual who we partner with every day, and make technology advancements in almost every industry.  These creators are found on Kickstarter and within some of the most creative companies making products in every industry.

We have partnered with some of the most creative minds who bring us magnetic applications to review and optimize.  Whether it is a medical application, robotics, motor, speaker, or R&D project, we spend the time to understand their concept from beginning to end so we can provide engineering assistance.

These innovators have come to rely on our many capabilities.  These include Finite Element Analysis, Design & Engineering assistance, Material Selection, and as a supplier from Prototype to Production. 

We also understand the need for a supplier to be confidential and private when reviewing magnetic designs.  Initiating a Non-Discloser Agreement (NDA) is usually the first step that we take to let our innovators know that we take confidentiality and privacy very seriously. 

Available Magnet Inventory

Innovators and engineers who need magnets immediately can visit our online retail division, SuperMagnetMan to check out the magnet shapes, sizes and grades available.  Click here to visit SuperMagnetMan   

So, how can we assist you with your new, Contact Us if you would like to discuss your design and our capabilities.