After engineering has completed simulation and modeling, prototype production is the validation that design will function as assumed. Below are the capabilities & abilities of our in-house production related to prototyping.

  • Creation of a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) showing the specifics of the production process.
  • Coordination with the customer to understand the expected outcomes & requirements.
  • Use of in-house machining & quality testing to control the process from start to finish.
  • Understand each customer’s timeframes and schedules, able to manufacture prototypes quickly.
  • Openly communicate with customers regarding manufacturability, process, and packaging.
  • Develop Quality Standards to establish baseline for production.
  • Utilization of our history and experience in manufacturing “first run” concepts to work with customers to determine next stages and possible changes.
  • Document manufacturing and quality process as a reference and development tool for future production.


The Engineering Validation Process (EVT) allows us to assist the customer with design is validation. Our production and engineering teams show their expertise as follows:

  • Provide necessary manufacturing suggestions to control costs.

  • Provide experience and expertise in making adjustments if necessary so electronics, hardware, and magnetic materials work in sync.

  • Work directly with our customer’s engineering staff, making the process a partnership in success.

  • Quickly understand the objectives of the application and suggest alternative materials, i.e. steels, plastics, MIM, epoxies, coatings, windings, and laminations if necessary and applicable.

  • Utilize our successful history of coordinating with customers to finalize designs through limited revisions and costs.


The Design Validation Process (DVT) allows for the development of the manufacturing process. Our production and engineering teams use DVT as a time to:

  • Finalize and produce molds, tooling and assembly instructions. Design tooling for multiple use where possible assembly & QC.

  • Confirm final drawings and quality standards with customers.

  • Place all processes, tooling, and personnel in place so ramp up can happen quickly.

  • Implement data-driven systems in place to monitor final products continuously.

  • Implement Continuous Improvement plans to identify efficiencies. Make suggestions to customer and implement quickly.


Mass Production allows our team to bring our customers’ products to market. Our engineering and production teams prepare for MP as follows:

  • Quick ramp up with all processes, procedures, tooling, equipment, and personnel in place.

  • Data collection methods in place and monitored continuously.

  • Daily start-up procedures to ensure tooling, equipment, and personnel are prepared and operating correctly.

  • Implement plans for increased or decreased production levels based upon forecasts.

  • Implement strategic plans to assess risks and recovery.

  • Continuously train and develop personnel to keep production running, deadlines met, and production goals met.

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