SM Magnetics has designed and manufactured Magnetic Assemblies for medical devices, motors, generators, consumer electronics, and many other industries. 

SM Magnetics and our ISO certified manufacturing facilities have become a “one-stop” resource for many of our customers in virtually every industry.  We have been design, simulating and manufacturing magnet assemblies as turnkey magnet assemblies.   

Below is a very short list of some of the magnetic assemblies we have produced:

  • Rotor assembly for a motor used in underwater application
  • Stators for generators and motors
  • Halbach Array (our online divisions offers Halbach Arrays for sale at SuperMagnetMan Halbachs - Click Here to View)
  • Speaker assembly
  • Micro machined magnets installed into a medical device
  • Torque coupling used in pump applications
  • Sub-assembly used as a holding device to help people with disabilities.
  • Jewelry clasps and entire assemblies for high-end jewelry designers
  • Wound bobbins for a motor application
  • Magnets assembled to metal shunts for consumer electronics and consumer products
  • Large magnetic Halbach Array used for holding a robot to steel
  • Complex multi-pole assembly used in research & development. Assembly was micro machined using an array of 0.1 mm magnets.  (View the 2+ Tesla Assembly developed and for sale on our online division, SuperMagnetMan)
  • Injection Molded Magnets ready for installation in sensor application

Contact our staff of engineers and technical professionals to assist with your magnetic assembly requirements.