Below is a short list of some of the magnetic assemblies that we have helped design, prototyped, and manufactured.

  • Rotor assemblies
  • Vibratory / Haptic motors
  • Stators & Laminations
  • Halbach arrays
  • Micro Assemblies
  • Holding assemblies, including attachment & alignment
  • Torque couplings
  • Flywheels
  • Sensor assemblies for Reed & Hall sensors
  • Speaker assemblies, voice coil motors
  • Shunted assemblies for consumer electronics
  • Complex assemblies for R&D
  • Dipole assemblies
  • Injection molded assemblies & parts
  • Metal Injection Molding (MIM) components for assemblies

Our engineering staff has taken on some of the biggest challenges to make our customers’ magnetic assemblies perform as required. Our team of engineers understands that magnetic assemblies are a synchronous combination of the correct magnetic materials, steels, epoxies, placement, dimensions, tolerances, field focus and profile, and achieving the desirable outcome. This is why our customers depend on our technical and manufacturing capabilities time and time again.

For our large-volume customers, we have also designed and developed the assembly process, tooling and quality systems to keep costs low and delivery schedules on track. Our production team has the experience to implement automation systems where possible, and design and produces custom automation equipment that can be ramped up quickly.

Visit our Custom Request page or contact us to discuss your magnet, magnetic assembly, application, and requirements.

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