Along with our in-house magnet materials manufacturing, we have set-up various machining centers within our facilities. This allows our production team to:

    • control the process internally.
    • control the quality requirements more closely.
    • be more vertically integrated in the entire process of prototyping through mass production.
    • make our own tooling for manufacturing and assembly reduce lead times.
    • have multiple machining options if any machine is taken offline.
    • fabricate steels and magnetic materials.

Our machining and manufacturing centers are located in China and Vietnam. These facilities are set-up to perform as prototype, small run, medium run, or full-scale production facilities. Below is a partial list of the capabilities of our facilities:

      • Manufacture, fabricate, and adhere coatings to magnetic materials.
      • Manufacture and customize tooling on-house that is used in manufacturing and assembly processes.
      • Manufacture stators and rotors for motors used in low- and high-tech applications.
      • Design and manufacture vibratory motors used mainly in consumer electronics.
      • Set-up assembly lines for sub-assemblies or final assemblies.
      • Design and develop automation for large scale production to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.
      • Research and develop new magnetic materials.
      • Develop new manufacturing techniques for magnetic materials.
      • Manufacture soft magnetic materials through Metal Injection Molding (MIM).
      • Develop Manufacturing Plans for Prototyping, EVT, DVT and Mass Production.
      • Collect, analyze, and review manufacturing data to continuously improve the processes.
      • Develop quality control programs used within the manufacturing process to ensure repeatability and consistency.
      • Utilize on-site test labs and equipment to ensure end products are correct.
        Our quick-turn machining centers are located in Louisville, KY and San Jose, CA. These machining centers have the following capabilities.
          • Fabrication of magnetic materials for small lots, up to 250 pieces
          • Fabrication of steel components, i.e. aluminum, low-carbon steels
          • 3-axis & 5-axis CNC
          • Wire EDM
          • Hole Popper
          • Tumbling
          • Assembly of magnetic modules & components
          • Quality control systems

          Our production facilities are equipped and staffed to handle volumes ranging from 1 unit / year to 1,000,000+ units / day.

          We have supplied some of the biggest names in the medical, consumer electronics, motor and automotive industries, while also partnering with Colleges, Universities, and Research Institutions to develop and produce small lots for proof of concept and research.

          We are a large engineering and manufacturing company that is structured as a customer-focused, agile, adaptable, flexible, knowledgeable, experienced and quick-responding partner.

          Interested in SM Magnetics partnering with you on your next product? Or, do you need to redesign and rework an existing magnetic product? Contact us to discuss your requirements.


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