The Robotics industry is pushing the boundaries of magnets, magnetic assemblies, and advanced materials every day. Our ability to think outside of “industry standards” has allowed us to assist customers with design possibilities and manufacturability. We understand that the designs are getting more sophisticated and precise, requiring a magnetics partner that provides solutions and ideas. Our Robotics customers have turned to us for issues ranging from magnet selection, magnetic assemblies, advanced material ideas, and manufacturability of their concepts.

The main functions of the magnets designed for robotics is for sensors and motion. This has required precise tolerances and stringent parameters of the magnets and magnetic assemblies to ensure proper performance. We work with our customer to better understand the goal of the application so we can advise and partner with the solution that meets their need.

Available Magnet Inventory
Our online magnet retail division, SuperMagnetMan, carries a large inventory of magnets ready for shipping and testing.
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