The Oil and Gas industry dynamically rides the roller coaster of pricing, supply, demand, and production daily.  A good magnet supplier can be prepared for the ride.   

Magnet Usage in Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry utilizes our rare earth magnets and magnetic assemblies in such applications as filtering sludge, holding applications, and sensors magnets.  

Magnet Application Challenges

One of the main factors we encounter with our Oil & Gas customers is the environment where the magnets will be functioning.  This has an impact on the type of magnet material required, the temperature rating of the magnetic material, and the coating

The applications within this industry present some of the biggest challenges due to the operating environment, but our experience allows us to focus on asking the right questions to get us to the correct solutions.  The more that we can understand about a magnet design, redesign, or legacy design, the more that we can assist with your magnetic solution.

Available Magnet Inventory

SM Magnetics has an online retail division, SuperMagnet, that provides an immediate inventory of magnets for our customers to purchase and research.  Click here to view magnets and magnetics assemblies at SuperMagnetMan. 

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