The Pump industry has seen technology advancements in industries like medical, oil & gas, and automotive.  The need for a better magnetic pump has resulted in new and better designs.

Magnets & Pumps / Fluid Handling

Our pump & fluid handling customers reside in industries including medical, agriculture, oil & gas, water, and automotive.  But whatever the industry, the concept of a good magnetic coupling design remains the core focus.  

While medical pumps mainly require smaller magnets, they also require materials that can survive in environments inside and outside of the body.  These pumps have very specific requirements from our customers and government agencies, so we work closely with customers to determine the best magnets, materials and coatings. 

Industrial pumps usually need a much better magnetic coupling because of the throughput requirements of moving large amounts of fluids in a short amount of time.  The oil industry pumps are usually buried in sludge, rock and dirt, so their requirement is to operate in very harsh environments with the correct magnet coating.  While each of the examples above is unique to their industry, our experience in providing magnets and magnet couplings is universal.

Available Magnet Inventory

Our online magnet retail division, SuperMagnetman, contains a large inventory with different shapes, sizes, and coatings.  Click here to view all available magnets at SuperMagnetMan.

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