Innovators in the consumer electronics industry push the boundaries of magnetic technology, the magnetic materials we manufacture, the requirements of magnets and magnetic assemblies, and the ability to make smaller magnetic assemblies work with big results. We understand that engineers in this industry are some of the most innovative and creative technical individuals.

In-House Manufacturing
This means no disruption in the supply chain and the ability to develop and control the entire process to maintain quality and offer a quick turn on prototypes, design and engineering parts. Our in-house fabrication and coating facilities to keep everything on schedule.
A magnet works more efficiently in an application if correctly paired up with other advanced materials. For this reason, a Metal Injection Molding, or MIM factory is a part of our in-house manufacturing that gives us the ability to achieve this desired outcome for our customers.
Assembly Lines and Machining
Our advanced assembly facilities, and use of automation, allows us to produce magnetic assemblies used in phones, tablets, accessory products and computers. Our engineering staff can develop complete process systems and controls, while our in-house machining center quickly produces the tooling required to keep assembly lines running. With our in-house assembly lines, we are able to produce quantities in the 100’s of millions annually if necessary.

Available Magnet Inventory

Our online magnet retail division, SuperMagnetMan, carries a large inventory of magnets ready for shipping and testing.
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