Powder Injection Molding

Powder injection molding (Metal/Ceramic) materials offers greater design freedom than many other production processes by freeing designers from traditional constraints associated with stainless steels, tool steels, soft magnetic alloys, ceramics and others. We offer expertise in the research and development of the these materials. 

Please refer to the below table for Powder Injection Molding materials specs:

Download Powder Injection Molding Materials Chart - click here

Stainless Steel Ceramic Low Alloy Steel Tool Steel Soft Magnetic Alloy Special Alloy
17-4PH Al2O3 FN02 M2 FeSi3 Ti
316L ZrO2 FN08 SKD11 FN50 W
304 G1010 FeCo 35/50 F15
420 8620 FeCo49V2 HX
430 8740 N90
440B 4340 GHS-4
440NB 100Cr6
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