Product Showcase- SM Magnetics 2+ Tesla Permanent Magnetic Assembly

Product Showcase - High Field Magnetic Assembly

By: George Mizzell, VP - R&D and Engineering

SM Magnetics designed & developed a 2+ Tesla Permanent Magnet Assembly for a Research and Development application in the medical industry.  We developed this “C” magnet technology to induce a high magnetic field into a defined area.

   "C" Magnet  

The “C” magnet is one of several unique designs that we have developed to produces a field in excess of 2 Tesla. We are also engineering designs that require > 1 Tesla, and since our initial announcement, we have been approached for a design is excess of 3 Tesla. 

Tesla Permanent Magnet Assembly  

These high field permanent magnet assemblies are being used in various industries, including medical, semiconductor, and general research.

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About SM Magnetics: SM Magnetics is privately owned company, providing assistance with permanent magnets, magnetic design & optimization, engineering support, and production.  SuperMagnetMan is the online retail division of SM Magnetics offering neodymium magnets and other materials.

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