The Motor industry spans across many industries and applications.   We have assisted with advanced motor & generator magnetic design.

Magnets & Motors

SM Magnetics has assisted companies in many motor projects, from design assistance to production of the rotor & stator.  We have optimized, engineered and manufactured brushless DC rotor motors, linear motors, EV motors, and pancake motors.  

Each designs requires the correct combination of magnets, windings and materials to achieve the maximum efficiency.   Selection of the correct magnets requires an understanding of the workings of the entire motor, which our engineering staff provides to each customer.

Magnets & Generators

Our generator customers require many of the same solutions as our motor customers.  Using our expertise and experience, SM Magnetics has provided assistance with torque coupling requirements and the appropriate magnets used in generators.  This assistance has led to improved designs and manufacturing efficiencies. 

SM Magnetics also plays an additional role in the motor and generator industry.  We have the ability to manufacture the magnetic sub-assembly of the entire motor or generator, including the windings, wiring, steel and assembly.  Our in-house manufacturing mean reduced overall cost of manufacturing and production.

Available Magnet Inventory

Our Motor & Generator Customers find arc magnets, rectangular magnets, and other shapes available immediately at our online retail site, SuperMagnetMan.   Click here to view our large inventory of magnets at SuperMagnetMan

If you would like assistance on your motor or generator, please Contact Us.