Our in-house motor manufacturing, assembly and testing assures that our customers’ performance standards are met. Our manufacturing capabilities include:
    • ISO/TS/IATF 16949 & ISO9001 Certified.
    • In-house design and manufacture of tooling to assemble Halbach arrays safely, consistently, and correctly.
    • On site winding capabilities to correspond with targeted fields produced by Halbach arrays.
    • Automated stator production that includes start to finish windings, in-line testing, balancing, and packaging.
    • Experience in production of all sizes of Halbach assemblies, linear, circular, or pancake.
    • Able to manufacture magnets with skewed orientations.
    • Knowledge of Halbach arrays in advanced technologies for today’s efficient motors.
    • Assembly facilities capable of producing volumes ranging from small to very large.
    • Quick-turn prototype manufacturing. Quick ramp-up for DVT, EVT and mass production.
    • Can quickly adjust automation systems to handle changes in materials or use for new projects.
Our engineering staff is equipped with the experience to optimize designs and get the performance results required. Our engineering capabilities include:
    • Simulation and modeling of magnetic circuits produced by various Halbach array configurations and number of poles.
    • Able to understand how the field of a Halbach array will effect other components of motors to ensure everything works in sync.
    • Full engineering review for Prototype, EVT, and DVT builds before mass production.
A well-defined test process and the correct test equipment ensure a working Halbach motor each time. We are able to do the following.
    • Set-up IQC, IPQC, and OCQ with specific testing procedures and equipment based upon customer requirements and to eliminate failures.
    • In-line testing processes to ensure stator accuracy and performance before going to next assembly stage. Increases yield.
    • Able to design assembly tooling for multiple functions, including as a test fixture.
    • Able to design and manufacture specific test equipment in-house, as needed, to ensure working components prior to assembly.
Our history and experience give our customers a one-stop resource from concept to mass production.
    • Have partnered with motor customers in almost every industry, including automotive, fluid handling, medical, robotics, electric vehicles, autonomous driving, consumer electronics, and aerospace.
    • Production can be done for small, medium, large, or very large volumes.
    • Employ a well-trained production staff and a highly qualified engineering group.
    • Enjoy a proven and successful history of working with some of the largest companies to optimize their designs and manufacture their products.
    • Have the internal resources to support any projects, while remaining flexible and adaptable to our customers’ requirements and deadlines.
We have a proven history of finding solutions that power tomorrow’s motors. To start a conversation about your motor requirements, contact one of our technical staff.
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