We have many years of working with customers on their custom requirements.  Below is a short list of examples of Custom Magnets & Magnetic Assemblies that we have produced.

  • The magnet array for a medical catheter that required various custom magnets with and without through holes that could withstand demagnetization during assembly and use.
      • Customized and built small Halbach Arrays that are used in a holding application within a wearable devices.
        • A redesigned magnet shape and assembly for a motor rotating at 1500 RPMs and drawing 5 amps.
          • Manufacture the multipole ring magnet that interacts with a sensor used in a medical device as a reed switch.
            • An alignment assembly required a specific pattern and manufacturing technique to ensure the correct connection between the inner & outer components.
              THIN FILM / SPUTTERING
              • Made the entire magnetic assembly used in thin film deposition. Included the precision magnetic field to ensure uniformity, CNC machining of the aluminum hubs, hermetically sealed welds, and development of quality control checks and processes.
                • Customized the magnetic size & assembly of a bonded magnet to focus the field to work appropriately with the sensor.
                  • The manufacturing and coating of a unique conical magnet used in the body on pediatric patients.
                    • The material design, research, and manufacturing of a small metal part made in-house by metal injection molding (MIM) that compliments the magnet and enhances the magnetic circuit in a noise-cancelling speaker.
                      • Suggested material grades, sizes, tolerances, shapes, direction of magnetization for a magnetic assembly that was used in biotech research.
                        CONSUMER ELECTRONICS
                        • Manufacture the internal magnetic components used in GPS navigation, making the assembly so the magnetic field does not influence other electronics.
                          FLUID HANDLING
                          • Manufacture the neodymium magnets and packaging for a 1HP pump.  The packaging was specifically made to ensure safe handling, easy installation of the magnets at the customer’s location, and act as a quality control tool to guarantee proper installation of north & south poles.
                            • Manufacture the stators of a LiDAR motor.  Worked with customer to redesign the lamination stack to produce a more efficient motor.
                              CONSUMER PRODUCTS
                              • Designed & manufactured a dipole assembly that had a magnetic field requirement of 1+ Tesla in an area where products passed through.
                                ALTERNATIVE ENERGY


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